Spring 2019

We hope you enjoy the variety of natural living products in your box. You will find 12 items as follows……..

  1. Slime- The all-purpose salve you will find in every box. Good for all skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin, burns, cuts, bug bites, etc.

  2. Dandelion hydrating night cream- after washing your face at night, pat dry and apply a liberal amount of cream and let sit for five minutes. Lay a warm damp towel on your face to allow the rest of the cream to absorb. You can also apply a small amount of cream anytime your face feels dry.

  3. Goats milk, oat and honey soap.  Perfect for exfoliating sensitive skin. You can buy more from the Luxe Lathers Etsy store.

  4. Green Roads Fruit and Hemp chew. These delicious CBD chews come from Emerald City CBD in Clarksville, TN and can be ordered from their online store soon.

  5. Lip Balms- All-Natural hydrating lip balm in fun flavors, perfect for the whole family.

  6. Wildflower seed bombs- Pre-soak seed bombs in a shallow dish of water for a few minutes prior to planting. Place bombs under ¼ inch layer of soil and keep moist through germination. After a week only water when soil is dry, or as needed. Flowers will bloom in 12-14 weeks.

  7. Spring Blossom Magnesium Soak- Pour into a warm bath and enjoy the benefits of relaxing magnesium and spring flower petals.

  8. Hibiscus Rose Clay Mask- Mix 1-2 tablespoons of clay mixture with enough water to make a paste and apply to clean skin until dry. Rinse with warm water.

  9. White Sage Smudge- Light end of smudge until its smokes without actually being on fire. Sage can purify the air and energy where it’s burned. Please use caution when burning sage indoors and around children.

  10. Wire Wrapped Crystal Ring- The rings feature real crystals, set in a simple wire-wrapped band.

  11. Sime Box Magnet- Keep on your fridge holding up your kids art, electric bills, coupons. Ya know, fridge stuff ☺

Natural Living Fair ~ Slime Box