Fall 2018

Below is a list of instructions about the items in the Fall 2018 Slimebox:

  • Slime – an all purpose, herbal salve; great for anything! Bug bites, scrapes, bruises, burns, face and body moisturizer, diaper rasher…heck make your hair shiny with it

  • Abalone Shell with white sage packet – sage has been burned for centuries to kill bacteria in the air and help relieve people of negative energy. Place the sage in the abalone shell and light the sage. General information about Sage

  • Chaga Chai Tea – Chaga Mushrooms are wonderful for your health. Let Storehouse Farm build your immune system and treat seasonal colds

  • Luxe Lathers Soap – All natural, exfoliating coffee soap, perfect for the whole family.

  • Harvest Spice Bath Bomb – Safe for all ages! Rockwood Farms Botanicals makes bath bombs of all kinds. 

  • Cold Care Capsules – Find Gypsy Apothecary to order more of these wonderful capsules, designed to help you fight head colds and boost your immunity to seasonal illnesses.

  • Beard Oil – No beard? Don’t fret, these adorable etched glass vials are great for making your hair healthy and shiny!

  • Beeswax Tea Candles – Hand poured beeswax candles. They won’t release chemicals into the air and have a long burn time. A Slimebox exclusive!

  • Elderberry syrup kit – Elderberries contain flavanoids that have been proven to kill flue viruses, and Helianthus Herbals makes an amazing kit. Follow the instructions to make your own syrup, learn more on their website.

Natural Living Fair ~ Slime Box