Slime Box is a quarterly subscription box filled with local, ‘crunchy’ items curated by Amy Patton, the founder of the Natural Living Fair.



A note from Amy on the creation of Slime:
When my son, Lincoln, was about 5 years old, he had eczema on his feet so severe that I constantly had to wrap them in gauze. He would scratch them relentlessly until they bled. We had to keep shoes on him at all times, even at home.
After some herbalist training, I decided to take what I knew about herbs and try to make a cream that would possibly give my sweet baby some relief. All of the creams and medications from the doctor and drugstores had let us down. I bought the herbs I wanted, 12 in total, and made a salve. It didn’t turn out as solid as I hoped and we all joked that it looked like slime. I applied it to Lincoln’s feet and put him to bed. The next morning I sent pictures to my family showing how great the eczema looked after just one application. I was so excited. Lincoln would finally have some relief.
I have been making Slime ever since, selling it locally and online, to practitioners and parents looking for relief, or maybe just a more natural option to over-the-counter creams available.
“Slime it!”, is a pretty common phrase in our house, as we put it on everything from bug bites, bruises, and scrapes to eczema, and dry elbows.


When a friend suggested I make a subscription box for all of my herbal products, Slime Box was the obvious name for it. I sincerely hope you find it as helpful as my family has.
In your boxes you will find a variety of natural lifestyle and herbal medicine products made by myself and others like me. You can expect 8-10 products in each box, with information on how to use them and where to buy more. We will ship to anywhere in the US, or can pick up your box locally in Clarksville, TN.

Natural Living Fair ~ Slime Box